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InnLife Bluetooth Earbuds Review

Today we have an unboxing of the InnLife Bluetooth earbuds.  Alright so I had to pull my scissors out because I wasn't quite sure how to open this thing in the beginning and I didn't want to rip up the box obviously as you can tell we have a microUSB cable this is used obviously for charging.  We also have here on the left hand side two of these silicon earbud pieces and in this plastic bag here are the earbuds themselves.  So let me go ahead and pull everything out of the box so we can see the instructions.

The instructions are written in a few different languages so that's good as you can tell it's very simple to read it's not really a whole lot I already kind of have a sense of how to use this thing so I didn't necessarily need these instructions, but here are the earbuds we're going to go ahead and open up this bag and as you can tell the cables are actually quite thin and the design of these actually gives me the impression that it's kind of Apple like.

So here's the main device here where you can actually charge it, and there's the microUSB port, and then we have a few buttons here on the top we have a call button this is actually a multifunctional button on the right hand side and then you have the two volume rockers on the left hand side.


innlife earbuds

The multifunction can actually turn the device on and also turn it off and also pair it and you can also call people with that and we also have a clip so you can clip it on a shirt if you want.  That extra protection so it doesn't fall off and on the back we just have a little bit of writing it says Made in China.

Alright so the pairing process is very simple all you have to do is go to your settings panel in your phone and then click on Bluetooth and make sure you hold the multifunction over you button with a phone on it hold it down for five seconds and you should see the device pop up on your Bluetooth pane.  After reading AMP's earbuds review, I found out that once you see it click on it and it should automatically pair.  Now, let's go ahead and test this thing out.  The quality of sound is in my opinion very very good, however there is not a lot of bass or low end but the mid-range and the highs is pretty good in my opinion.  It's pretty good.  Alright so now we're going to just test them out and see if they charge. I don't really think there's going to be any problem but just to make sure that they do charge I'm going to take the time to show you how it looks so it's very simple all you have to do is plug in the micro USB cable into the micro USB port and you should see a orange LED light and that means it's charging now to put the silicon pieces onto the earbuds all you have to do is get it into the groove and then pull it back and then voila it's on your earbud.  

One thing I noticed is that the markings for the left and the right didn't necessarily match up but that's ok it still worked.  So far the quality of these is very very good, these sound typically like Apple earpods, there's not much on the low end but on the mid-range and the highs actually sounds pretty decent.  Now should you get this I would say yeah definitely if you need something that's small and portable and lightweight if you're somebody who works out a lot I would definitely get these the battery life on these from my understanding is very good I have not tested that out yet but I will shortly, but again I would definitely get these if you're someone who's looking for a pretty decent good pair of earbuds! 

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